Mariposa Wings

acrylic ink on wood panel


12″ x 12″

Retail Value: $1,400

Minimum Bid: $500


Isolated brush movements executed with mudra-like precision give physical expression to an inner state of being, offering a platform to investigate the dichotomy between thought and emotion. That curious space is ripe with a complexity. The alchemy of how experience is lived out dwells in the constancy of change despite our desire for permanence. A seamless method of applying ink with unlikely brushes to a slick surface records the ephemeral moment or spark of experience.

Mariposa expands the artists’ media to acrylic ink and mixed media on cradled wood panels. New work addresses change, transformation and the flow of energy that supports stepping into uncertainty. Mariposa is also a street in San Francisco near Patter’s new studio. The studio is at the confluence of the Potrero Hill, Mission Bay and the DogPatch art community.

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