Artist: Patricia Sonnino Photographer: John


Acrylic on panel

24″ x 18″

Retail Value: $1,300

Minimum Bid: $450

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“For the past few years I have been studying and painting tide pools, rivers, and streams. The water movement results in constant mutation. Light refracts and becomes color; the surface is alternately transparent or impenetrable, moving or still, littered with leaves and flotsam or purely crystalline. The paintings seek to document a moment of seeing without capture, they are about seeing through surface turbulence to wonders beneath but just for an instant.”

—Patricia Sonnino


Sonnino recently exhibited at the GRO in Point Reyes Station, CA, at the Sanchez Center for the Arts in Pacifica CA, the LUX Center for the Arts in Lincoln, Nebraska, the SFMOMA Artists Gallery in San Francisco, the Garage Gallery and the Berkeley Art Center in Berkeley, CA. She has also exhibited at the Herman Miller and the Big Pagoda Gallery in San Francisco. Sonnino earned a BA and an MA from Washington University in Saint Louis and has taught design at the Boston Architectural Center.


Painting photographed by John Janca

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