Conservatory at Closing Time

Oil on canvas


24″ x 24″

Retail Value: $1,150

Minimum Bid: $425

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Megan Posas moved to San Francisco from the midwest three years ago to pursue a creative career as a painter, shortly after graduating from art school. As an emerging artist in San Francisco, she’s had the privilege to participate in multiple juried and solo exhibitions and has experienced much success in selling her work to Bay Area collectors as well as in other areas of the United States.

Upon arriving in the city, Megan became completely enamored by the spirit of San Francisco: vibrant, quirky, inclusive, and diverse. Her recognizable Urbanscape paintings directly reflect her infatuation with the Bay Area through the use of saturated (and sometimes unexpected) color relationships, simplified shapes, and underrepresented perspective points. Megan thinks of her work as a series of love notes to the city, focusing on the unique juxtapositions of urban density and the humble beauty of nature that San Francisco has to offer.

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