Looking Afar


Oil on panel


42″ x 42″

Retail Value: $4,200

Minimum Bid: $1,475


Matthew Frederick’s world is filled with shapes, colors, and shadows that divide the world into pieces. Matthew takes all of the pieces and fits them together to make a painting depicting unconventional and amusing moments. Rolling hills, expansive valleys, and majestic bodies of water become visual imprints on Matthew’s mind. The patterns and sensations cover the canvas. Strong brushwork and generous applications of paint turns these sensations into majestic oaks amidst vineyards. Violet mountains become the backdrop for disorganized valleys and cool marshes. The sky erupts with clouds of umber and pink fading across shimmering oceans and purple horizons. Matthew’s dynamic imitations, a déjà vu for the mind, encourages viewers to examine their surroundings with a fresh perspective and to look again when a familiar place has lost its allure.

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