Reductive Illusion

Translucent resin, digital print, embedments


16″ x 16″

Retail Value: $2,800

Minimum Bid: $1,000


Marcia Stuermer is well known for using translucent resin as her primary medium to sample moments in time. She is continually experimenting with alchemic transformations of the resin to create compelling nuances of veiled translucency, color and texture. The elements of surprise, wonder and unforeseen beauty along with the desire to convert the commonplace to the sublime are central to her work.

Whether connected aesthetically and/or conceptually, her work is driven by her fascination with scientific inquiry that relates to the natural, chemical and biological worlds, the underpinnings of which she feels has a relevance to our contemporary milieu. Inherently sustainable through her interest in using as much upcycled resin castoffs culled from previous projects as possible, the works take on many dimensions through their aesthetically adept multi-profile compositions.

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