Waste Not, Want #3

3D pixelations of colorful upcycled resin blocks and wrap-around ink drawings

43″ x 10″

Signature: on the back

Retail Value: $3,500

Minimum Bid: $1,175




Marcia Stuermer uses translucent resin as her primary medium in order to sample moments in time. She is constantly experimenting with alchemical transformations of resin to create compelling nuances of veiled translucency, color, and texture. The elements of surprise, wonder, and unforeseen beauty are central to her artwork. Her desire is to convert the commonplace to the sublime.

Whether connected aesthetically or conceptually, her work is driven by her fascination for scientific inquiry into the natural, chemical, and biological worlds. Often, the works are embellished with wrap around, intricate hand-drawn drawings that augment the intended effect of each piece and reveal new relationships and hidden subtexts.

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