Donated by Cynthia Farner

Crowd Pain

Ink on watercolor paper

11” x 13”


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I draw from my experience of making art with Syrian refugees with Joshua Hagler, as well as from my own experiences growing up as a child refugee. I hope to evoke feelings of discomfort, displacement, and abandonment in this body of work. Drift is a collaborative art book that I worked on with the artist Joshua Hagler during the months of October, November and December in 2013. The book is based on the meaning of and search for home. The paintings were made during our three-month-long journey through Europe and Jordan, where we volunteered as clowns and visited numerous refugee camps with Patch Adams (Gesundheit Institute). Outside the confines of academic or institutional support, we immersed ourselves in unfamiliar environments and in my case, retraced something of my experience as a child refugee. We treated the journey as a pilgrimage in anticipation of an unknown destination. Without permanent studios, we had the opportunity to work on the fly, in the moment, rather than after the fact, giving the book its sense of urgency.


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