Ripple Effect

Reclaimed redwood, glued, carved and oiled to bring out the beautiful grain and colors of the wood


20″ x 48″ x 5″

Retail Value: $1,850

Minimum Bid: $650

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Lutz Hornischer’s sculptures and wall art are inspired by nature, life and the uniqueness of the reclaimed wood he uses. Old wood has scratches, cracks, knots and other imperfections that are similar to real life. Every piece of wood is like a person, with its unique character, challenges and strengths. He yearns to give the wood a new life and he hopes his sculptures and wall art inspire people to find a new awareness, purpose and joy in their own life.

The wall sculpture Ripple Effect was inspired by cut-off pieces of wood accumulating on the floor of Lutz’s studio while working on a big sculpture. Just like little things, actions and decisions can have a ripple effect on life over time, he envisioned how the unique wood pieces can create a ripple effect illustrated as a three-dimensional wave.


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