Detritus 3

This is a plastic bag, which has been manipulated and scanned in a cameraless photo technique, printed with a Canon 6400 with 16 color archival pigment inks on Hahnemühle photo rag acid-free paper.

Edition: 1/25


27″ x 22″

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Influenced by the Modernist movement, Linda Barsotti explores the formal qualities of abstraction and sculpts everyday materials, by scanning the fragments layering and forming something new. Detritus 3 is part of the series Musings on the Mundane. It is a personal exploration of man-made, household materials that are used daily, yet go unnoticed. She experiments with the texture, form and line of the plastic bag removing visual references and triggering a transition from function to form. It is now recognized as something unrecognizable, a collision between the representational and the abstract.

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