Whale Imbalance

Acrylic on panel


34″ x 34″

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“Whale Imbalance” is a eco-art piece which uses humor and whimsy to get its message across. Done with layers of acrylic on panel.

Almost all of Leslie Morgan’s art has to do with water! It is her passion, her joy and her concern. Leslie’s art comes from memories of summers spent leaping and diving, doing cannonballs and back flips, participating in breath holding contests and looking up through chlorine filtered sunlight daydreaming. In water, on a universal level, we become weightless, buoyant and free both in mind and body. She never wants to lose these wonderful feelings that the oceans provides us with. And so, we must become the guardians of our waters, of our environments and our behaviors, in order to protect them from ourselves. Leslie’s art usually has an eco-art message, using recycled materials, humor, nostalgia and whimsy to get her point across.

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