Q Pink

Watercolor on Saunders Crescent Rough paper (archival)


15″ x 11.5″

Retail Value: $500

Minimum Bid: $175

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After decades designing graphics on electronic screens, Laurie Wigham gave up the undo button and rediscovered the power of committing paint to paper. She chose watercolor for its unforgiving nature, but also because its immediacy, fluidity and portability offered a means to explore the stories of disruption and grace in the rapidly changing streets of San Francisco. She wants to push the use of watercolor as a modern medium, not washed out and careful but spontaneous and risky, a process where disasters and happy accidents lead to deeper truths.

Q Pink is from a series of explorations of the color pink. After years of seeing it as a kitschy color of enforced girliness, Laurie bought a tube of Quinacridone Pink (PV 42) to discover what it really wanted to do. She found that it has a lot to say about eros, obsession and vulnerability, and how attempts to impose order can come quickly unmoored, drifting in a chaos of feelings and ragged edges.

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