Innate Impulse

Acrylic and epoxy resin on wood panel

16″ x 32″

Signature: on the back

Retail Value: $1,400

Minimum Bid: $475

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Laura Hapka’s work portrays emotional states, or series of emotional states, in flow. Her most recent work is based on personal feelings that stem from spirited relationships or traumatic experiences. She uses visual art as a way to understand others’ motivations as well as her own desires. Laura’s technique has developed over several years of experimentation with wax boards and acrylic paint. She paints on wax boards and later melts the wax away once the paint has dried. This results in one-of-a-kind sheets of acrylic paint that are then cut and pasted onto prepped wood panels. Epoxy resin is then used to seal the panel and add depth.

This piece is based on MRI images from trauma victims.


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