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Lu Ray Dishes

Oil on canvas  

22″ x 30″

Signature: on the back

Retail Value: $1,275

Minimum Bid: $425

BUY IT NOW! $1,650




The past is Kristen Tradowsky’s playground. She finds historical remnants and gives them a new life in our contemporary world. Kristen goes to estate sales, moves through the rooms that single families occupied for decades, and searches through piles of photographs that people unknown to her. Walking the San Francisco city streets, she sees old theaters and buildings that glow under the residue of ever changing ads and construction. Kristen is interested in how a place can possess many moods, and is inspired by the unseen, gritty elements of life’s familiar imagery. Time manipulates a place and in turn makes it richer; painting these places and figures are her way of time travel.

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