5th Square of Squares, 17 Across

Acrylic, paper and polyurethane on nine wood panels


34″ x 34″

Retail Value: $2,000

Minimum Bid: $700

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In 1963, Kevin Mosley was born in Georgia. He moved throughout his youth and spent time growing up in New Jersey, Hawaii, Kansas, and Virginia. In 1993, Kevin moved to San Francisco where he started his artistic practice. His art is made using acrylic, enamel, glass, leaf, paper, and wood.

In my work I focus on the control of space and the lack of control of a viewer’s experience.

I choose and control the space taken by each of nine panels and so in turn control the wall space occupied by an installed piece. I gladly let go of trying to control a viewer, instead passively encouraging the eye to wander, to find the colors that grab and the patterns that appear repeatedly in each piece in the Square of Squares series.

It was with the assistance and support of art consultant Heidi McBride that a piece from the Square of Squares series was acquired by and added to the corporate collection of Capitol One. This piece is installed at Capitol One’s San Francisco offices.



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