Yes, I’m Eager to Meet You

Mixed media on canvas

30″ x 30″

Signature: front and back

Retail Value: $2,100

Minimum Bid: $700

BUY IT NOW! $2,730




“It is paint, after all, and the fact that its application onto a single surface can reach the deepest part of our psyches is nothing short of a miracle.” —Katy Kuhn

Katy Kuhn is a third generation Californian and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area most of her life. She aspires to making art that is aesthetically interesting, yet edgy and ambiguous–crashing landscapes, forlorn figures, and abstracted objects. Her art balances spontaneity and energy with discipline and intention. Katy has been painting for nearly a decade and still strives to create fresh images that are simple yet complex; that stimulate one’s own interpretation rather than provide a clear story; that feel like something without actually being that something.

Kuhn has lived in Marin for over 17 years. She has served on the Mill Valley Art Commission; created the decade-running Mill Valley “Click Off” annual photography contest; and curated numerous group art shows including “Surface/Tension: h2O,” “Dennis Hare and Friends,” and numerous exhibits at the ICB in Sausalito where she has worked for the past seven years.

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