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Collage and acrylic on canvas


16″ x 20″

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Judith Klain started painting seriously as a teenager when she attended New York City’s Cooper Union weekend program for high school students in 1975. After many years’ hiatus, she began painting again when she found a community of other artists at San Francisco Art Institute’s Adult Continuing Education.

“I felt as if I my soul got re-awakened. The kinship and stimulation I get from my teacher and fellow SFAI cohort of artists makes it possible for me to consistently experiment and grow in my work.”

“The evolution of my work corresponds with my emotional and spiritual development. My painting has provided me a medium to resolve early traumatic experiences of which I have no words to express cognitively. It is cathartic.”

Judith’s work is shown regularly at City Arts Gallery on Valencia Street in San Francisco.

She would like to thank her children, her grandchildren, her wife, her dear friends, her SFAI community and anyone who dares to practice any form of art for providing the support and inspiration for her to continue to paint.




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