Stumbling In

Pigment stick, oil pastel, crayon, graphite, alkyd enamel on pale blue paper, mounted on panel, finished with cold wax varnish  

21″ x 21″

Signature: on the back

Retail Value: $1,800

Minimum Bid: $600




John Wood finds that wonderful things happen when he is able to engage completely with his art. John’s art is non-objective, but starts with observing the world around him. Currently, the work is influenced by the human form, however it also takes clues from the landscape and flora. John begins his process by simply drawing, building up layers of graphite, crayon, oil-pastel, and enamel. As the process unfolds, the veils of line, form, and color take over and become the focus. Throughout the process, John watches for the connections and the visual triggers that tell him to add more here and to remove something there. In the end, his work alludes to the world symbolically. John is much more interested in the emotional and sensual qualities that emerge rather than any recognizable forms.

John recently returned from three weeks of isolated time at The Lake, a residency at the Morris Graves Foundation. He has also engaged in residencies at Long Island University, Artists-In-Education residencies in Utah, and independent mural projects in Utah, New York, Florida, and California. He was recently invited to participate on a review panel at Syracuse University School of Architecture.

John regularly exhibits his work at galleries and museums throughout California, Utah, and Colorado. ArtHaus Gallery in San Francisco exhibits John’s work.

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