Acrylic on Canvas


24″ x 30″

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John Melvin’s paintings depict scenes of people enjoying their lives in San Francisco. One of the reasons John loves San Francisco is that each of the city’s 12 neighborhoods has a distinct personality, its own cafes, markets, street fairs, and sporting events. Everyday, he encounters an endless supply of inspirational scenes.

John brings his own values to his work. As his family is the most important part of his life, he is often drawn to scenes of children and grandchildren. Oceans and bays have always been special to him so in many of his scenes, he attempts to capture people enjoying themselves on the water. As an artist, he enjoys the challenge of painting the figure and a number of his works involve nudes. Recently, he has been working on a series of sports paintings that focus on scenes of grace and skill.

John uses photos and sketches to format his work, then proceeds to make a study, and finally uses the study to complete the larger painting. He works in both oil and acrylic, and his works show a style that is quite loose and which often borders on the abstract. He believes paintings should be interactive and convey an image that can be interpreted differently for every viewer. He uses a palette knife a great deal, but he also considers brushwork an important element, so sometimes he pushes unrelated colors together because he likes the way they look and hopes the viewers will agree.

Artists who have influenced his work include Matisse, Diebenkorn, Soutine, Kokoschka and the Fauves. Many of his sports paintings have been inspired by the work of Leroy Neiman. He is an optimist by nature, and although he believes his paintings should evoke thought and stimulate the imagination, he also hopes to simply br

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