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A Thousand New Planets and Still Counting

Egg-Tempera, copper leaf on gessoed panel


45″ x 18″

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In 1968, Joel Hoyer began to incorporate water gilding into his egg tempera paintings and sculptures and from 1970 to 1997, most of his artwork centered around these two mediums.  Since 1998, Joel has focused primarily on water and oil gilding.  He is currently experimenting with, and abstracting this classic and historic medium.

For Joel, the materials and ingredients he uses are just as important as the painting and preparatory process. The wood he uses is sized with rabbit skin glue and then covered in linen soaked in rabbit skin glue. He uses at least nine coats of gesso made from bolted whiting, water, and rabbit skin glue. Then he applies gold, silver or copper with a liquor of water and alcohol. When this has dried he burnishes the surface with a gilders agate. The egg tempera is then finally applied to the gilded surface.


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