Oil, alkyd, collage on canvas


40″ x 40″

Retail Value: $5,000

Minimum Bid: $1,750



Elements of Modernist design fuse with motifs of tribal art in Jeff Long’s paintings. The history of art, in a broad sense, has much to do with codifying our experience of the natural world and Long finds visual parallels among many cultures and in various time frames.

Worldwide, many societies have expressed their place in nature by creating a sort of visual parallel order. Societies accomplished this by distilling and abstracting landscape and natural elements. Whether expressed in mosaics, weaving, or pottery, there were often uncanny similarities of approach on different continents.

Through artists like Matisse and his many artistic descendents, the visual vocabulary of pattern-making, flattened color and hard edges crossed over into mainstream Western art in the twentieth century from societies in which there was a long tradition of abstracting nature.

Long’s art expresses humanity’s impulse to connect the optical sense with a feeling for the wholeness of the world.


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