Oil paint with silver leaf on birch wood.


30″ x 24v

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Jean Davis is an artist based in Oakland, CA. She was born in Alaska and moved around somewhat frequently growing up. The resulting fluidity to her environment influenced her sense of permanence, which eventually became a theme in much of her work. She has drawn and painted since childhood. Jean works primarily in oil, using reference photos she takes of either a model or herself, often in motion. This enables her to relinquish control over her subject’s narrative, and allows her to work intuitively with the medium. She also works in mixed media and charcoal drawing. Her interests involve the materiality of media, and how that enhances the intention of an idea beyond representation. She explores ideas of place and permanence, as well as the emergence of ideas and patterns that are not consciously initiated. Jean has drawn and painted since early childhood; her training began as a combination of self-taught intuitive processes, public school classes in ceramics, graphite, and various three-dimensional media, and college freshman-level art foundation courses. She completed a post-baccalaureate series of courses in 2010 and now holds an MFA in painting, which she completed in 2014.

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