Acrylic on Panel

24″ x 26″

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Jay Mercado is an American painter born in Sioux City, Iowa and raised in San Francisco, California. Known for his still life paintings of illuminated natural objects that are often out of context and over scale, he finds inspiration in the offerings of the land and communities around him.

His new work is a series of paintings based upon his fascination with a region of San Francisco known as Lands End. There he explores the balance between nature’s opposing forces, the tension of opposites and the space between them.

“The sky and sea reinforce the solidity of the rocky shoreline and speak to the changing climates and seasons of a lifetime,” Mercado states. “At this point in my life as an artist I expand my artwork to integrate the iconic elements of a world intimate to me. In doing so I aim to unify all the disparate components and reveal their essential meaning in a spectacular place where grounding gives way to an ocean of limitless possibility.”

Mercado studied at UCLA, Art Center College of Design, California College of Arts and Crafts and Academy of Art College.

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