Acrylic on canvas

30″ x 36″

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All pieces in Jason Astorquia’s “Impressions Series” are created with penny impressions. In the following poem, Jason offers explanation for his series:

“money, in intent and consequence,
impresses us.

subtly, imperceptibly, it leaves a mark.

materially worthless,
it has been awarded great value.

it compels us to action,
it compels us to wit.

a model for equality
that feeds on necessity and desire,
that rewards innovation and toil,
that rewards slight of psychological hand.

a zero sum game without fixed supply.

the manifestation of thumbs and brains.

allocation transcends generations
and, more often than not,
dictates lot.

the impressions series
—figurative, literal—
explores the subconscious impact
of an abstract concept.

money’s impression
influences perception.”


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