99 South Study

Oil on panel


6″ x 8″

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Rooted in the tradition of landscape painting, Heidi McDowell’s work explores our contemporary relationship to the natural world as it is shaped by digital media and car culture. Technology gives us the ability to swiftly collect seemingly endless amounts of data with little incentive to edit. What we trade for this ease is any sense of deep understanding or memory.

Using the visual language of digital source material (lens flare, odd colors, fringing, dust on the sensor) as a familiar reference point, she paint scenes plucked from the vast stream of quickly captured images. By combining highly specific photorealistic imagery with the relatively imprecise and unpredictable qualities of oil paint applied to a hand built canvas, Heidi intends to return a sense of weight and permanence to the moments we’ve overlooked and lost. If we can become more grounded in the present, we have the ability to make a stronger connection to our changing environment.

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