Monte Azul



27″ x 22″

Retail Value: $4,900

Minimum Bid: $1,725



Abstract painter Gustavo Ramos Rivera was born in Ciudad Acuna, Mexico in 1940 and moved to San Francisco in 1976. Both the Mexican and Californian landscape, light, and artistic tradition have influenced his artistic style. Bright primary colors, reds and yellows, saturate his images and pay homage to his Mexican culture and Latin American art history. In addition, the warm palette and spontaneous brushwork references the work of the California Bay Area Figurative movement and artists such as Richard Diebenkorn and Manuel Neri. His work is intense in its emotional content, personal symbology, and vibrant color palette. In 2006, Gustavo Ramos Rivera was featured in a solo retrospective at the San Jose Museum of Art that later traveled to other venues in California and Mexico.


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