Word in the Landscape

Acrylic on canvas


16″ x 12″

Retail Value: $700

Minimum Bid: $250



Fong Fai likes to paint abstract art, it is a reality that does not exist, a product of thought, momentary feelings, a poem, a melody. Artists’ works are often inseparable from their cultural background and Fong’s story is no different. Eastern influence constantly guides Fong’s path. Brush strokes of calligraphy attempt to capture on canvas that non-existent image.

Fong Fai studied art in the New Asia College and the Hong Kong Academy of Art in Hong Kong. He was selected as one of the six leading artists in Hong Kong. He owned an art gallery (Fong’s Art Gallery) and also taught at the Oriental Arts Institute in Hong Kong. His artworks were exhibited in Asia, Australia, and North America. Later, Fong Fai was invited to exhibit his paintings in San Francisco and Hawaii, where he fell in love with the United States and decided to stay.



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