Oil and hand printed paper cutout collage mounted on wood panel


24″ x 20v

Retail Value: $3,500

Minimum Bid: $1,225 



Working with live models is a fundamental practice which allows Fernando Reyes to depict the beauty, strength, and sensuality of the human form whether it be a drawing, print or painting. Many of his works are straightforward and representational, often depicting a single figure. Throughout his career the underlying narrative in Fernando’s work has been the idea of body language which can be interpreted to be humorous, spirited, euphoric or otherwise.

His new collage work takes the viewer through a visual journey of the nude figure in hand printed paper cut-out collage and oil on wood panel. Fernando’s skills as a printmaker allow him to create colorful and patterned monoprints specifically to cut out, methodically assemble and configure the human form.


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