Sound of Color 2009-2010 Oil on wood 10 3/4"x13 3/4"freyesart.com

Sound of Color VI (2009–2010)

Oil on wood panel

10.75″ x 13.75″

Signature: on the back

Retail Value: $1,800

Minimum Bid: $600

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At the end of each day spent painting, there is inevitably some unused paint left on Fernando Reyes’ palette that will no longer be used. Because it seems wasteful to discard perfectly good paint, Fernando rescues it for another purpose. Thus began a series of impasto paintings called “Sound of Color.” Each painting created becomes a historical record of the color palette used in Fernando’s paintings for a distinct time period. A palette knife is employed to systematically or randomly apply dollops of the paint on canvas, wood panel, or mat board. This is done day by day over a series of months or years until the surface is filled. The end result is a very textural array of color.

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