Loneliness has never been a stranger to me

Oil and acrylic on canvas

38″ x 38″

Signature: Left side

Retail Value: $550

Minimum Bid: $200

BUY IT NOW! $715




Fernando’s paintings are melancholic snapshots from the past, yet they represent the future. There is love, heartbreak, titles taken from pop songs, and colors from pop art. Suggestive figures and the union of feminine and masculine beings shape his paintings and express a constantly changing world.

I consider myself a curious person because I’m always learning something new. I’m a self-taught painter, because I only studied one year of the arts in Guadalajara, México. However, I felt attracted to the arts since I was a kid, and in 2006, I decided to be a full-time painter. I lived the life of an artist for four years, and then I decided to move to San Francisco to internationalize my career.

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