Whispers (from View from the Nest series)

Acrylic on canvas  

24″ x 24″

Signature: on the back

Retail Value: $500

Minimum Bid: $175

BUY IT NOW! $650




Ellen Yetvin-Haven’s artwork is a rhythmic and visual dance of color. She refers to her work as “lyrical abstract expressionism” as she uses shapes and patterns that describe feelings about nature and her inner life. These compositions are built by overlaying and juxtaposing brushstrokes. The vitality of energy and movement is important as she wants the paint to “flow”. Ellen is inspired by landscape, nature, music, her emotions, and remembered feelings. There is a mood of improvisation and the use of a calligraphy to engage this spontaneous energy. Working with space, light, and color, Ellen tries to create a vital and dynamic lyricism.

The “View from the Nest” series begins by depicting nesting and ends by depicting flight, freedom, and independence. This series not only identifies a bird’s view from its nest, but concurrently represents themes of home, growth, development, and transition. Changes arise from fledgling to flight, from teenage to adult, from dreams and desires to actual fruition and accomplishment. The risk of the unknown develops into energetic patterns of color that can flow as time flows, and flourish as experience takes hold. Primarily, the paint strokes are saturated with emotion, using the fluidity of the paint itself which echoes life’s resilience. The ebb and flow of paint, becomes life’s changes and evolution.


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