Donated by Ellen Markoff

Clouds of Quartz

Oil-based monotype hand-pulled on a Takach Press on Arches 88 cover  

Edition: 1/1

22″ x 22″

Signature: front lower right

Retail Value: $1,000

Minimum Bid: $350

BUY IT NOW! $1,300




Ellen Markoff is a printmaker who lives and works in San Francisco. Her studio is at Hunters Point Shipyards, and twice a year, she shows her work there. In 2002, she was commissioned by Macy’s to do artwork for four of their stores. Ellen’s work is influenced by the natural world and the forces that shape it. She is fascinated by volcanoes, glaciers, rocks, and erosion. The forces of nature constantly change our world and create beautiful shapes, textures, and colors. Ellen is drawn to this transient aspect of life. Ellen enjoys monoprinting because it can be a meticulously planned, process-oriented experience, and at the same time it can also lend itself to the beauty of spontaneity and emotion. Ellen is interested in art as a pure expression of emotion and uses bold forms and bold colors in her artwork.

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