18″ x 14.25″

Retail Value: $4,200

Minimum Bid: $1,475



“Beauty always offers its own form of seduction”

—Elizabeth George       


Elena Zolotnitsky was born in Moscow in 1961. She graduated from the State University of Cinematography, Moscow in 1986 with an MA in Fine Art and Animation. Zolotnitsky worked as a creative director in animation production as well as a freelance illustrator and poster designer  until she left Moscow in 1989. For the last 25 years Zolotnitsky has been professionally recognized by major American art institutions like Communication Arts, the American Society of Publication Design, and Society of Illustrators. Her art has appeared on the cover of the New York Times Book Review, 7×7 San Francisco Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, Architectural Digest, American Art Collector, and numerous other publications across America and Russia.

Zolotnitsky was granted the Award of Excellence and the title of the “Best in the Show” from the Loyola, Nicolet and San Diego Art Colleges juried competitions. She was also awarded residencies and fellowships in America and Europe for her achievements and artistic endeavors.

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