Trust Me

Acrylic on canvas over panel

14″ x 18″

Signature: signed on back

Retail Value: $1,100

Minimum Bid: $375

BUY IT NOW! $1,430




Elaine Coombs lives and works in San Francisco, California. Born in Ontario, Canada, she graduated from the University of Toronto, Mississauga in 1996 with a specialist degree in art and art history. She majored in painting and printmaking with a minor in environmental science. Her work has been exhibited across the United States, mainly in California, New York, Washington, and Utah, but also in Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Her paintings can be found in over 300 private, corporate, and public collections, most notably the U.S. Department of State–Art Bank Program; The City and County of San Francisco Civic Art Collection; and the Ritz Carlton Highlands Hotel in Lake Tahoe, California.

In her latest artwork, Elaine explores the effects of light and fog as they relate to her ongoing fascination with the forest landscape. Her trademark dot technique is painstakingly handmade and yet evokes a pixelated computer image when viewed up close. Indeed, the work presents a duality of vision—one that juxtaposes the physical and the emotional, the figurative and the abstract, the handmade and the manufactured.

Recently, she was commissioned to create a set of four artworks for Imagery Winery in California as part of a collaborative duo called Second State. This label artwork, together with one of her own paintings, will be featured in an upcoming exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design opening August 2016 called Beyond the Pour II—The Creative Process. It will highlight some of the finest artwork from the Imagery Collection.

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