Cigüeñas /storks & Caballito de Mar / Seahorse

Acrylic, ink, and trust


8″ x 16″

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Two Bay Area Venezuelan born artists: Andreina Davila and Ytaelena Lopez have formed a collaboration called Eelos (/eE.l.os/) based on the Greek concept of Kalos Kalathos, or beauty with purpose. In this vision, each element or being exists within the same world; each revered as essential part in the interrelated complexity. One plus one equals many.

In Spanish, their shared native language, the phonetic pronunciation of Eelos is “hilos,” meaning threads. Eelos represents the threads of connection and patterns that unite the individual aesthetics and subjects of the two artists.

A major theme in Eelos is migration— also a shared experience. In Spanish, the verb “TO BE” translates both as: a place (“estar”), and a subject (“ser”) is. In that sense, we are in (estamos) San Francisco, but also, we are of (somos) San Francisco. The Eelos paintings highlight the harmony and sense of belonging in the relation between the environment and its beings, expressing the sentiment that one has to become before one can belong.

Trust, respect and communication form the backbone of the Eelos collaboration. While each artist takes a turn working separately on the same piece, it is an open and fluid process. They have come to realize that they have to leave their egos aside to develop a single Eelos identity. This path allows creative freedom in each stage. With their shared individual experiences, they explore the transformation that results from their experiment to collaborate, further illuminating concepts of identity, sense of place, trust, respect and communication—all essential in the creative process.

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