Watercolor on paper


21″ x 21″

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Doug Shoemaker is a realist painter. In his work, he explores the richness and complexity of the everyday objects that surround him in his urban and natural environments. The surface, texture, complexity, and coloration of these subjects become the basis for his work as a painter.

Walls, surfaces, urban objects, and building components are all sources of inspiration for his work. Parts of the natural landscape often enter his work and become a counterpoint to architectural elements. Doug strives to create images that speak of the larger environment, but which offer a close inspection of the actual object. Abandoned and decaying elements of the built and natural environment that are awash with sunlight and shadow all inspire him to create meaningful images where the ordinary becomes complex, poetic and memorable. Sunlight and shadow movement across surfaces suggest the constant movement of time, yet also offer a moment of contemplation and solitude that seems to stand outside time.

Doug’s chosen medium, watercolor on paper, offers a unique form of luminosity. In watercolor, what is left out is often as important as what is put in. That delicate, yet difficult balance is challenging, but the challenge allows Doug to push the limits of this very traditional and “old-school” media in order to produce bold, saturated colors and soft washes combined with sharp edged realism.

Professionally trained as an architect, Doug uses pencil drawing and his own photography as a point of departure for his work. By carefully editing and cropping an image, a tightly composed painting evolves.

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