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Subconscious NO 77.16

Mixed media

22″ x 30″

Retail Value: $1,800

Minimum Bid: $600

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My artwork stems both aesthetically and conceptually from a lifetime of living in Venezuela, China and the United States. My work serves as a continuous dialogue surpassing the limits of my three native tongues: Spanish, Mandarin and English. There is an abstract interpretation that comes from these three languages and serves as an expression of its own without the confines of any specific language.

My spontaneous brush strokes come from my subconscious expressing a new voice; they echo the aesthetic of Chinese Calligraphy as well my obsession with text and graphics. These brush strokes are intertwined with my own asemic writing to create a powerful and seductive fluidity. Through a process of writing and washing, my work speaks of a momentum and unique dialogue layer upon layer. The bold tones of black and white and my intentionally limited color palette create a clear path through which I can express my emotions clearly as well as intensely.

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