North Beach

Photograph printed with Epson Pro 11880 on Hahnemühle acid-free paper

Edition: 1/8


23″ x 15″

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Series: Urban-Impressionism

Inspired by the French Impressionism movement of the 1800s, Dan Shehan has the notion that his camera is able to capture an essence, or feeling, of his surroundings while walking briskly through the city.

Suppose, for a moment, that you’re hurrying home from a long day and not paying particular attention to people, buildings or even the noticeable landmarks around you. Perhaps however, a color, or person, catches your eye for that briefest of moments. You glance up momentarily, contemplate what it was that you saw, then continue on your way.

Dan’s vision is to capture that moment found on the streets of San Francisco in a uniquely impressionistic way.

Note to self: “Not everything in life is in perfect focus, yet it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relish in what appears to be.”


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