Mankai no hana (Full Blossom)

Venetian plaster on canvas


54″ x 36″

Retail Value: $5,750

Minimum Bid: $2,025




Bernard Weston is an Asian-influenced California painter, who draws on his personal engagement with Chinese and Japanese art history, theory, and philosophy in order to create paintings of the sublime. Unlike in the West, in the East greater attention has always been paid to the contemplative disposition that accompanies the making of fine art. The goal for a painter like Weston is not only to produce amazing art, but to do so in conjunction with studied processes of mental, spiritual, and physical Zen-like practice and preparedness.

Bernard strives to convey peace and balance, embracing also a sense of dynamism that is so cherished in the eastern method of ink-brush painting. His technique, however, is proprietary and unique. He works with tinted Venetian plasters on prepared canvas over board, rather than on Asian papers, and he polishes his surfaces with wax and mica-silver or mica-gold compounds to add final luster. His paintings exemplify the phrase “East meets West,” as they are the product of innovative, avant-garde materials and are grounded in the tradition of meditative art making.


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