Black Stilettos

Acrylic on canvas

20″ x 36″

Signature: Lower right

Retail Value: $1,100

Minimum Bid: $375

BUY IT NOW! $1,430




Barbara Heinrich’s life passion has been experiencing and creating art. She thrives on the challenge of conceptualizing, developing, and executing an idea. She has studied and pursued art everywhere that she has lived. She has studied art at Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, the Art Institute of Kansas City, the Art Institute of San Francisco, and the University of Pennsylvania. She has been fortunate enough to study painting with amazing artists such as Nathan Oliveira and Frank Lobdell and art history with the former chief curator of the MOMA, Kirk Varnedoe. Barbara has been drawn to iconic images that so tangibly represent a specific person or period, yet also hold more subtle meaning for the individual viewer. These iconic objects are portrayed larger than life and with a unique perspective.

For most of her life, Barbara pursued a career in advertising and marketing, but over the course of the last few years, she has submerged herself in art making, her real passion. She has had individual and group shows in San Francisco; Telluride, CO; Durango, CO; and Pagosa Springs, CO. Her works are in private collections throughout the United States.


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