Y Not

Handmade silk and cotton quilt, stretched over canvas and finished with a custom-made solid maple frame  

24″ x 24″

Signature: on the back

Retail Value: $1,500

Minimum Bid: $500

BUY IT NOW! $1,950




Amy Ahlstrom photographs found images in city neighborhoods and transforms them into urban quilts. She begins in city neighborhoods where she is inspired by street graffiti, signage, and sticker art. She then takes digital photos of found images and reinterprets them to create new compositions. As the images she samples are edited, re-sampled, and transformed, they retain enough of their original form to evoke a specific urban space even as they are transformed into an entirely new image. In this way, she makes quilts that reflect a vision of an urban place that is both real and imagined.

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