A Good View

Acrylic on wood panel

20″ x 48″

Signature: lower right

Retail Value: $2,500

Minimum Bid: $850

BUY IT NOW! $3,250




Alan Mazzetti has been an independent visual artist for 35 years. Using skills developed in graphics and illustration, his paintings take an abstracted, iconic approach to the subject. Alan Mazzetti’s work explores the relationship between representation and abstraction. The San Francisco Bay Area inspires Alan, and many of his painted subjects reflect this environment. In Alan’s work, one can see the remnants of initial sketches, gestural mark making, previous color choices, masking, and layering. The perspective for most of his work is high and distant, which gives the patterns within the composition a flat feel. These abstract qualities and the challenges of depicting them are Alan’s main concerns when painting.

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