Jury 1 Deadline: March 23
Jury 2 Deadline: April 6
Jury 3 Deadline: April 20
Jury 4 Deadline: May 11
Jury 5 Deadline: May 25, noon

The jury reviews approximately 50 pieces at each session. The jury accepts only 175 pieces. Once they reach that number they will not review any more art. Early submissions are more likely to be accepted.

Thank you for completing the submission form. Please bring your art work to 1855 Folsom for the jury to review.


  1. Complete the Online Submission Form, including artist statement.
  2. E-mail a photo of your piece to Lisa Roth,
  3. Deliver your art to Art for AIDS office.

Artist Statement: Your statement or bio will appear on your Art for AIDS web page, like this. If no statement/bio is provided, we may excerpt something from your website or the page will contain only information about your piece. Please include your statement in the space provided in the Online Submission Form.

Here’s a great article by Alan Bamberger about donating to art auction fundraisers.

The Jury reviews the actual piece. The Jury will consider review via image only if you are not in the Bay Area. Please contact Lisa Roth to request review by image.




  • Art should be framed or otherwise presentation-ready.
  • Art should have a retail value of at least $500. 
  • Mid-size pieces sell best. Art larger than 36″ x 36″ (1,296 square inches / 9 square feet) is less likely to be accepted by the jury. Multiply width x height to determine square inches.

Submissions that follow the guidelines will be the first reviewed by the jury and given greater priority. Pieces that don’t follow the guidelines will be considered last.

  • Art donors will receive one complimentary ticket for each piece included in the auction. 
  • After the event, art donors will receive the winning ­bidder’s contact information and the price paid.
  • Art valued at $5,000 or more must be ­independently appraised and documentation placed on file with AHP. 

We value the work of every donating artist, but space and time constraints dictate the number of pieces in our auction. Art that is not selected by the jury must be picked up within 30 days after the donor is notified by letter or email. After 30 days the art piece will be considered a donation to the agency.

The Art for AIDS Jury reserves the right to determine the opening bid unless notified otherwise by the artist or ­donor. 


Completing the form is Step One. Now we need your art delivered to the office for the jury to review. Thanks!

Attach a printed copy of your email submission receipt to the back of the piece and deliver art to the Art for AIDS office.

UCSF Alliance Health Project
1855 Folsom Street (at 15th Street, two blocks from Rainbow Grocery)
Suite 670
San Francisco, CA 94103


Monday–Friday, 9:30am–4:30pm
(except the first Tuesday of the month)

Enter the building via the parking lot on 15th Street between Harrison and Folsom. There’s free, 15-minute, curb-side (green zone) parking.

Sign in at front desk and deliver art to Room 670.

Call Jose Portillo at 415-502-7276 if you need help.



We need a high quality image for use in the catalog and on our website.

Frida_painting-tinyImage specs: color, high resolution (300 dots per inch), at least 2500 pixels (7 inches) wide. For example: this Frida Kahlo image is 2490 x 2974 pixels (34 x 41 inches) at 72 dpi. At 300 dpi it will be 2100 x 2508 pixels (7 x 8.3 inches). You can download the image to use as a guide.

The image file name should include the ARTIST’S NAME and the year, like this: Frida_Kahlo_2016.jpg  If you’re submitting more than one image, add a number to the file name, like this: Frida_Kahlo_2016_2.jpg

E-mail the image to Lisa Roth,


Art for AIDS is a juried auction, benefiting
the UCSF Alliance Health Project.

UCSF Alliance Health Project
Tax ID number is: 94-603649



By submitting this form and art piece to the UCSF Alliance Health Project (AHP) to be auctioned at Art for AIDS, I agree to have this work sold at auction (if the jury accepts the work) for the benefit of the UCSF Alliance Health Project. After the auction, AHP will provide a letter of sale that includes the buyer’s name and contact information and the sale amount to use for tax purposes. AHP will act as an intermediary between the buyer and me, the art donor. All proceeds benefit AHP. My agent or I will pick up any art that is not accepted by the jury or sold at auction within 30 days of being notified, or it will be considered a donation to the UCSF Alliance Health Project.

© UCSF Alliance Health Project